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Are there any requirements for making a transfer? In order to transfer domains to hostme.ie:1. You must have access to the administrative contact... Do I need to wait until the renewal date is closer? No. You can transfer/renew at any time. All of the existing time with the current registrar will... Do you refund my money if the transfer is unsuccessful? Yes. If the transfer is not successful, the funds will be returned back to your account immediately. Does Registrar transfer mean that Registrant transferring ownership of the domain? Absolutely not! When you transfer a domain, the only changes to the domain are the Registrar and... How do I request my AUTHINFO, AUTH, or authorization code needed to transfer a .biz/.info domain name from hostme.ie to another registrar? In the event that hostme.ie is your domain's current sponsoring registrar, please contact our... How do I transfer my domain name to another registrar? We'd rather not see you leave hostme.ie, but if you would like to transfer your domain name to... How do I unlock my domain if I don't have any account under hostme.ie? In case that a Registrant is transferring a domain name in lock status from hostme.ie to another... How much does it cost? Transferring domain names from another registrar to hostme.ie automatically extends your... Is EPP domain transfer similar to .com/.net transfer? There is a slight difference for the process. For EPP domain, .org, .biz, .info, .cn and .us,... What happens if a domain name is transferred within the 45-calendar day after the renewal date? If a domain is transferred within the 45-calendar day after the renewal date, then the renewal... What is AUTHINFO, AUTH, or Authorisation Info? An , , or authorization info is a 6- to 16-character "password" assigned by a sponsoring... What is a Domain Name Transfer? Domain Transfer is a process to transfer / change your domain registration from your existing... What problems could delay or prevent the transfer of a domain? If the e-mail address of the current administrative contact for the domain is invalid, registrant... Will transferring a domain cause any downtime? No. Changing the registrar entry for a domain on the root servers is immediate.
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