How To Choose A Good Web Host

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If this imhosting servers wallage scares you… then you need to read up and understand that hosting is not all that scary.. the hard work is done for you. You’ve got to just understand what you need and ask for it.

Web Hosting Today

I used to believe in the concept using a using a hosting company that had been in the business for years but things have changed._ Almost fifty percent of all hosting companies went out of business during the past year. If you were a customer of one of the ones that went out of business you already have your own horror story to tell._ People lost files, websites were down for weeks, some businesses were left unable to get permission to transfer their own domains to other hosts and still others unable to renew lost their domains and websites completely._The bulk of these business failures were from the more established hosting companies that had built up good reputations over years. Large corporations purchased many of these companies. Services and support were cut or scaled back in order to maximize profit._

Bandwidth is Cheap

Budget hosts almost always used to be slow and overloaded and many still are, but with bandwidth costs as low as they are today giant managed server farms located in data centers are now a very reasonable alternative, especially if you host multiple domains or require less support.

Budget Hosting Services

I used to consider hosting costs to be the least important factor to consider when shopping for a host. But with connections, servers and domain names costing so much less now there are some real quality fairly low cost hosting options available today.

Features You Might Require

Make sure you choose a hosting company offers the business related hosting services you need NOW, and those you WILL need in the future. At the least, I require redundant backbone connections and a backup power supply. Make sure they offer web based site management – instead of just FTP. Make sure they offer Java, statistical reporting, real audio, real video, mail list management, and a search engine. If you use Microsoft’s Front Page, make sure they offer Front Page extensions.

Other Important Considerations

Don’t move your website from server to server. Most Internet businesses have no idea about the problems they will encounter when migrating from one hosting company to another. Each Host has their own file naming conventions and is setup to run various scripts differently. Each use a different version of the UNIX or Windows operating system and run on differing computer servers. Scripts and forms that worked flawlessly on one server might not work at all on another or the new host may not be able to support the technology you have grown to depend on. Each server migration requires more time and expertise as your business grows; that’s why it’s so important to match each website to your future needs.

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